Hockney Company
Manufacturers of Underwater Weed Cutters Since 1903

For more than a century, the Hockney Company has designed, manufactured and sold weed cutters to government agencies, corporations, resorts and to private homeowners. Our customers include the U.S. Department of Wildlife, the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and the Army and Navy Corps of Engineers.

Aquatic weed control is essential to a wide variety of environments including bathing beaches, lake front property, reservoirs, fish hatcheries, industrial parks, golf course water features, ponds and marinas.

Weed and reed control is essential in closed or slow moving water environments in order to help prevent mosquitoes and other insect infestations; to create an attractive appearance; to cut down on the buildup of sediment and to help prevent the accumulation of trash.

Hockney manufactures self propelled underwater weed cutting commercial units for large ponds and lakes as well as small, boat mounted units for residential properties. Though there are obvious differences between our residential and commercial units, they share many common traits.

We design and build each unit with quality and safety in mind. Controls are logically placed, easy to operate and made to be durable under any weather condition. Hockney also designs with the environment in mind. For example, our paddle propulsion is very safe to wildlife.

Hockney Philosophy: Manufacturer Direct to You

We have a simple philosophy: we like to talk directly with our customers. We get to know their particular aquatic pond or lake weed control situation and we can make equipment recommendations based on their needs.

This direct philosophy produces big benefits in terms of customer service. We are always pleased to give our customers advice and recommendations on how to get the best performance from their unit and how to best maintain the equipment. As manufacturers, we know our products from the inside-out.

We are always pleased to talk with current or potential customers. Our customer relationships make us better as a company and maybe that’s why we’re in our second century of business