Hockney Solves Aquatic Vegetation Challenges

At Hockney, we never forget our commitment to the excellence of our products or to the satisfaction of our customers.

For more than one hundred years, the Hockney Company has been designing, manufacturing and selling underwater weed cutters and pond and lake weed trimmers from our headquarters in Delavan, Wisconsin.

Hockney is located in an area of the country where lakes are all around us. We test every piece of aquatic weed cutting and underwater weed cutting equipment under actual conditions, every season of the year.

We constantly strive to improve upon what we’ve done. Our machinery is in use in lake and pond environments, irrigation canals, public beaches, golf courses, fish hatcheries, homeowner’s associations, industrial parks and really, any kind of situation where the maintenance of aquatic environments is essential.

Customer feedback is very valuable to us and we are always eager to see the new uses and situations where our products get the chance to prove themselves.

Although we are a well established company, we are never content to rest on our successes. In 2007, we came to an agreement with the Swedish company Dorotea Mekaniska AB to be an official US based Sales Agent for TRUXOR® amphibious machines and tools.

We have long admired the Truxor brand and the quality that is built into each piece of their equipment. We formed TruxorUSA as a division of Hockney. It has turned out to be a fantastic relationship, and gives our customers a huge selection of aquatic weed cutters from which to choose along with numerous accessories to handle most any pond or lake challenge you can imagine. However, we still keep designing and building our line of equipment right here, to where it all started.