hockney hc-10h underwater aquatic vegetation cutter

Solve Water Overgrowth Problems

Building Underwater Weed Cutters Since 1903

Underwater weed cutting is essential. As weeds grow, they start to impede the water flow in irrigation canals, marinas, reservoirs and river beds. As they build up in a pond, lake or private beach, sediment and trash may begin to collect, and from an ecological point of view, wildlife might be crowded out, especially when non native plant species destroy native vegetation and even native species of fish and wildlife. When weeds overgrow, they must be cut back to allow for better water flow.

This is where Hockney can help. We offer a line of efficient, durable, and cost saving machines designed to assist in underwater weed cutting. If you are in need of a machine to handle a pond, community lake, or golf course, be sure to check out our HC-10H model or the smaller, boat mounted version, the HP-7.

hockney hc-10h aquatic weed cutter

Hockney machines are the most affordable, dependable, best built, highest quality machine. We have been in business for more than a century because we stand behind our craftsmanship. Contact us today to learn more about how Hockney brand weed cutters can solve your overgrowth problem.

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