Hockney HC-10H Underwater Weed Cutter

The Hockney Model HC-10H is the ultimate in underwater weed cutters. Its durability is second to none. Constructed on a heavy-duty, steel pontoon, the HC-10H measures in at 12’ x 4’ x 1’. The unit is powered by an 11 horse power, electric start, air cooled engine. The mainstay of the Hockney brand, the HC-10H can cut up to nearly 12 acres per day.

Operators of this machine will love the hydraulically powered, paddle propulsion system. This allows the unit to be used in as little as 10 inches of water, yet be harmless to fish and to the shallow breeding areas of the waterway.

The Hockney HC-10H comes with a sickle cutter capable of clearing a 10 foot wide path. It is possible to cut weeds up to 18 inches above the water surface, while cutting down to a depth of five feet. Each unit includes a rake attachment that can be used to push vegetation to the shoreline, making collection and disposal easier and more efficient.


Hockney Company manufactures an optional custom built trailer for each HC-10H unit. This enables operators to easily transport and store the machine, as well as the ability to use it on different bodies of water. The trailer has an approximate weight capacity of 2000 pounds. It comes with submersible tail lights, a 2″ ball hitch, ABS plastic fenders with molded in steps, 13″ radial tires mounted on 5 bolt spoked rims.

For lake association managers, property managers, golf course groundskeepers, or anyone else in need of controlling weed growth on various bodies of water, the Hockney HC-10H underwater weed cutter is the perfect unit for you.

HC-10 w/ Trailer- $28,000
Without trailer- $25,500
-June 2021- *U.S. Funds…Prices subject to change without notice*

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Hockney Weedcutter trailer

Hockney Weedcutter Trailer

Standard Rake Attachment Shown Here

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