Hockney HP-7 Deck Mounted Underwater Weed Cutter

The Hockney HP-7 deck mounted unit may be small and compact, but it brings a heavy punch

The HP-7 is a portable, underwater weed cutter designed to be mounted to your own boat. Weighing in at approximately 375 pounds, the HP-7 is an ideal unit that can be mounted to a john boat, family style pontoon boat, air boat, or whaler-type. It can also be fitted on a pontoon platform for maximum stability.

The Hockney built HP-7 comes equipped standard with a hydraulic lift, front sickle cutter measuring 7 foot or 5 foot length. It also comes with two 6.5 feet side sickles. It has a cutting depth ranging from 2 to 5 feet depending on the boat in which it is mounted. This powerful little unit is powered by a Honda built, 6.5hp motor.

HP-7:    $8,750
-June 2021-
*U.S. Funds…prices may be subject to change without notice*

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