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Aquatic Dredging and Sediment Removal

The Ultimate Amphibious Tool for Pond and Lake Sediment Removal

In slower moving bodies of water such as channels, canals, rivers or in situations where silt and mud begin to collect, aquatic dredging remains essential for water flow. Pond and lake sediment removal, especially in smaller or close-knit aquatic environments requires specialized equipment that is maneuverable, amphibious and versatile.

Truxor is the proven dredging solution for the removal of sediment, weed and muck. Rather than affecting the ecosystem of the pond or lake in a negative manner, the removal of muck often brings life back to the lake because it eliminates the build-up of waste, and harmful bacteria and gases.

As the amphibious T-Series can get in and out of tight spaces, it is able to work around embankments, docks and even submerged objects. This type of movement coupled with the adaptability of Truxor attachments, makes it ideal for virtually any aquatic environment where dredging or digging is mandated.

Truxor can perform channel digging, silt removal around sluice gates, water inlets and outlets, and has even been used for cable laying. The stability of the platform allows heavy duty silt removal to build up embankments while assuring the safety of the operator and the environment.

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In fact, the excavator is operated from the driver’s seat using a two lever attachment on an adjustable central console that is directly in front of the operator for maximum control. The seat can be adjusted to allow greater leverage and load balance.

Using the excavator arm, a variety of dredging operations may be undertaken or other tools may be used such as baskets and rakes. This variation of equipment for the right job is a Truxor trademark. Your TruxorUSA representative can advise you on the tools necessary to get the job done right.

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See more information of the Truxor T20, T30 and T50 models available now in the United States.

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