aquatic digging and excavation

Aquatic Excavation and Digging

Assisting your sediment or weed removal, one shovel full at a time

Pond weed removal and control is essential, especially when the body of water is a small system such as on a golf course, is a slow moving aquatic environment where there is a silt build-up or when the ecology of the pond weeds needs to be balanced. Though cutting and harvesting maintain an aquatic environment, it is sometimes essential to excavate the plant life at its roots for best control.

Truxor really shines when it comes to weed excavation. The excavator arm attachment mounted to the Truxor is ideal for aquatic weed collection and aquatic weed excavation. It can excavate to nearly eight feet and has an excavation radius of more than 10 feet. There is an assortment of heavy-duty tools generally utilized with the “arm” for weed excavation such a buckets excavation rakes.

On the other hand, aquatic plant specialists will sometimes collect aquatic plants and weeds for transplanting and aquatic restoration. It is very difficult to attempt plant collection from a conventional boat or from marshy shoreline. In both cases, there is an unstable or even dangerous situation created. Conventional boats are not appropriate for serious collection and excavation work.

aquatic vegetation removal

The Truxor T-Series is extremely stable in an amphibious environment and allows for safe and effective collection, for wildlife mitigation and transplanting. This is another advantage of the Truxor machine; though heavy-duty, it is gentle on the environment and causes minimal disturbance to the eco-system.

TruxorUSA has any kind of weed excavation and collection tool you need. Your TruxorUSA representative can advise you on the tools necessary to get the job done right.

Truxor Equipped with Doro Digger Arm

Truxor with Trenching Tool

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