Aquatic Oil Spill Cleanup

When Lake or Pond Oil Spill Clean-up is a Priority, Truxor Gets the Job Done

Lake or pond oil spills represent a true environmental emergency that kills wildlife and in a private venue such as a golf course, a public relations catastrophe. Truxor, a leader in amphibious machinery, attacks the spill rather than waiting for the spill to drift to the vegetation on the shoreline. Whether the pond or lake spill occurred as the result of an accident, vandalism or other cause, Truxor is up to the task.

The powerful, diesel driven capabilities of the T-Series along with its versatility and clean-up attachments can minimize the damage that oil can inflict on closed aquatic environments.

The Truxor oil spill clean-up capabilities include an easy-to-mount Doro Skimmer DS 800 for “harvesting” thick or thin oil spills. The skimmer has a brush roll of mixed thickness bristles capable of collecting most types of oil.

The skimmer is usually combined with our powerful roll pump. Ideal for oil decontamination work on water or land in difficult to reach places. The strong vacuum provides high suction allowing contaminants to be pumped long distances such as a holding tank on the shoreline. The roll pump can also be used independently with a suction nozzle.

Additional Truxor Oil Spill Clean-up Options: Spreaders and Mobile Tanks

If the spill is extensive, a spreader may be desired to place an environmentally safe absorbent in the pond or lake. The Truxor DM 1000 is a spreader enabling the amphibious machine to spread absorbents to oil spills whether on land or in the water. The amount of absorbent being delivered by the rotating spreader head is regulated by the operator from the driving seat. Doro spreader DM 1000 can be used with most types of absorbents.

If the spill is smaller or if there is just a small area remaining in a hard to reach area, we also have a mobile tank that floats on pontoons to go right along with the T-Series to collect the oil.

No matter the particular pond or lake oil clean-up challenge, TruxorUSA has the best equipment available for your needs. Your TruxorUSA representative will be pleased to advise you on the best tools to remove oil spills should they occur, or the tools to keep on hand averting an environmental emergency should a situation arise in the future.

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