Waste and Trash Clean Up

Amphibious-based waste collection made easy

The range of aquatic clean-up and maintenance jobs can vary considerable, from pond and lake tree root removal to muck removal to grabbing other contaminants such as plastic bags or Styrofoam.

Far more than visual improvement, trash collection is essential for lake or pond health.

  • Leaves and branches accumulating on the bottom of a lake release gases that can rob the lake of oxygen and kill fish and healthy plant life
  • Submerged branches present dangers to boating, fishing and swimming
  • Sometimes ponds and lakes attract illegal dumping and the retrieving of this trash is essential to keep ponds and lakes clean

Using the mechanical bracket or the telescopic arm attachment of the Truxor T-Series, we offer grip bucket and log grab tools that are used in shallow water and along shore lines to remove plant roots, tree limbs and trash.

Depending upon the depth in which the amphibious machine is to work, the grab bucket or log grab can either be used on the mechanical bracket attachment (shallow conditions) or can be attached to the telescopic arm to work to a depth of 5.6 feet.

The telescopic arm offers the operator greater leverage which is especially useful when grabbing water-logged branches or trash from pond or lake bottoms or removing accumulated muck and settlement.

No matter the particular trash collection or muck removal challenge, TruxorUSA has the best equipment available for your needs. Your TruxorUSA representative will be pleased to advise you on the best tools for pond and lake tree root and muck removal.

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See more information of the Truxor T20, T30 and T50 models available now in the United States.

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