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Aquatic Weed Cutting

Truxor: Walking on Dry Land or Working around a Lake

It is essential in the maintenance of lakes and ponds to be able to properly trim the vegetation above the waterline, at the waterline and below the waterline. We offer four different types of cutting tools for our Truxor machines. They are designed to work in different water conditions and at different depths. For example, the Busati double action cutters are for use on reed beds and along lake or pond margins where plant growth is generally thicker. These cutters can also be used on land.

However, it is not enough to have cutting blades that are effective, but for a machine to have the ability to continuously transition from one environment to the other.

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Truxor is an amphibious machine that has the capability of cutting weeds on land, in transitional zones and under the water itself. A lake or pond, especially one that is a “small system,” such as on a golf course, park, campground, botanical garden or delicate eco-system can get easily overrun.

When weeds build up on land it not only obscures the body of water, but it makes access to the body of water very difficult. In weed cutting operations along embankments, river edge or in transitional areas, conventional water craft cannot easily get to all of the areas.

Truxor: Walking on Dry Land or Working around a Lake

The Truxor T-Series has the unique ability to “walk on dry land,” in order to cut weeds, but then by means of its gentle tread, it can slowly cut weeds down to the water and then transition to the water itself.

The platform of the machine is stable allowing it to safely work in spaces that are difficult to access either above or on the water, and cutting blades can easily be changed out for any kind of lake, pond or aquatic reed cutting situation. The Truxor amphibious machine can also be fitted with a propeller drive for lager lake reed cutting situations and also heavier duty chain gears when the reed cutting is extensive.

As the Truxor allows the operator so many aquatic weed cutting, weed and reed collection and sediment removal options, your TruxorUSA representative will be pleased to advise you on the best tools to remove pond or lake weeds. No matter the weed cutting situation we have the options your situation needs.

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