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Aquatic Weed Harvesting and Removal

Setting the Standard for Aquatic Plant Harvesting and Removal

Truxor T-Series is the world’s finest amphibious machine made for weed harvesting and removal. The aquatic weed harvester is the ideal piece of equipment for aquatic weed cutting and collecting, reed harvesting and the general maintenance of reed bed and wetland habitats.

Municipalities, public and private recreational areas, environmental agencies and many other organizations feel that mechanical control of pond weeds is much more ecologically friendly than using chemicals to control weeds.

Truxor multifunctional amphibious weed cutter

The Process of Harvesting and Removal

Truxor makes the process of cutting and harvesting weeds a simple, efficient operation. We offer a selection of cutting tools that are designed to work in different aquatic areas under different conditions.

For example, the Dorocutter blade is ideal for cutting submerged plants. The Busati double action cutters are for use on reed beds and along margins where plant growth. Both of these blade types may also be used on land. Other blade types are meant for narrow waterways, such as golf course ponds; other blades cut and collect plants at the same time and still other blades are recommended for marshlands and shallow water.

However, it is not enough to just cut submerged vegetation, it must be harvested. Thick masses of floating weeds will begin to putrefy and cause additional problems.

After cutting, the operator of the Truxor can easily take off the bracket on the machine’s lifting arm and replace the blade with a reed rake or other harvest tool. The rugged and powerful Truxor amphibious machine can easily climb up an embankment with a full load of cut vegetation. The unique tread hardly leaves any mark at all on surfaces such as a manicured lawn or golf course.

aquatic weed or plant removal

Harvesting methods may change depending upon the water depth or environmental conditions. Speaking of the environment, the Truxor method of cutting and removal is very gentle on the environment with minimal disturbance of wildlife.

Should the work call for a grip bucket or log grab to remove plant roots or tree limbs, or strainer plates to remove waste or algae, TruxorUSA has any kind of lake weed collection tool you need. Your TruxorUSA representative can advise you on any tool necessary to get the job done right.

Truxor with Doro Aarm Cutter ESM 60

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See more information of the Truxor T20, T30 and T50 models available now in the United States.

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